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Koryak Snow Sheep

Ameri-Cana Expeditions is proud to offer a customized trip for Koryak sheep in the Ledyanaya Mountain Region of North Kamchatka. (Ovis Nivicola Koriakorum

Accommodations and Hunting Methods

While in search of the Snow sheep we will be hunting primarily from camp on foot and back pack hunting. Glassing and spotting sheep in basins and valleys is the hunting method. Spending hours using optics to locate sheep as with most mountain hunting. Spike camps with light tents may be used for 1-2 day trips during the hunt to access areas and stay a couple days to hunt the area effectively. Accommodations in the base camp are tent accommodations as well. The altitude in the region will be up to 2500 M (7500ft).

Our hunt area has proved itself in the recent past. Last two groups of hunters that hunted it were 100% with rams from 9 years old to 14 years old. The remoteness of the hunting area and difficulty to access provides for an excellent sheep population which will in turn provide for an excellent hunt. Obviously Good physical condition is necessary for a successful and enjoyable hunt in the mountains. Arrival point in Kamchatka will be Petropavlovsk (PKC), Kamchatka. (pop. 200,000) Petropavlovsk is the capital of Kamchatka. After an overnight if necessary in Petropavlovsk (PKC) you will fly on scheduled flight to Tilichiki. Tilichiki is located in the North Eastern part of Kamchatka. This flight will be approximately 3 hours by fixed wing aircraft such as an “AN-28”. Transfer into camp will then be by Helicopter. (1hr. 45 minute flight). 


Season opening is August 1st,. Arrival dates will be approximately August 1 and August 12. Duration of the tour will be approximately 14-15 days of which 9-10 of these days will be hunting. Currently a flight from Anchorage is operating weekly with Yakutia airlines. If not, travel will be via Moscow.


Hunt Cost: $14,000.00USD
Trophy Fee: $5,500.00USD (1st sheep, kill or wounded and lost)
$7,500.00US (2nd sheep, kill or wounded and lost)

Deposit to confirm: $7,500.00USD
Final $6,500.00USD due 60 days prior to hunt
Trophy fee’s paid in camp in cash. 2nd trophy fee payment can be paid in advance.

Cost Includes

• Guide services and camp interpreter.
• Acquiring of invitation for the hunters visa and acquiring gun permits.
• Meeting and clearing of customs in airports.
• Food and accommodations while hunting.
• Trophy care in the field and import/export permits.






Cost Excludes

• Hotels and meals during overnights in Petropavlovsk and/or Moscow (if necessary).
• Flight from Petropavlovsk to Tilichiki and return.(approx. $1000usd)
• International flights to Petropavlovsk and overweight baggage during whole trip, including flight from Petropavlovsk to Tilichiki and return.
• Helicopter flight from Tilichiki to Camp and return from camp to Tilichiki after hunt. This will be divided between the group and possibly with group hunting after our group to reduce cost. Approx. total cost $25,000.00USD
• Gratuities to guides and staff.
• Visa application to Canadian/U.S.A. Russian embassy. 

Brokerage and all shipping fees. Due to Russian Federation Veterinary Laws, all trophies must be sent to a local taxidermist after the hunt. The trophies will be shipped to you after the hunt once this process is complete. This will be at your cost.


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