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Mid-Asian Ibex in Kyrgyzstan

Hunt for the biggest specimens of Mid-Asian Ibex (Capra sibirica alaiana) in Kyrgyzstan.

Hunt Mid-Asian Ibex in Kyrgyzstan

Big trophies from this region reach from 44 to 52 in. in length and from 9 to 11 in. basis clasp.

In order to take such trophies, it requires a good physical condition. The altitude of the hunt is at 3000 – 4500 meters above the sea level. Ibex feed in the morning and approximately till 9 a.m. they are in movement. Hunter and the experienced guide survey Ibex while they are among the rocks or during their morning crossing. When they find an Ibex with good trophy quality, they climb up to it along the ridge for a distant shot. A good physical form is very important for a successful hunt as is the ability to make an exact shot on a big distance (250 – 300 yds.).

Hunting Area:

Tien Shan mountains (Kirgizia), Central Kirgizia range.

How to
Get There

Hunters can travel via Moscow to Bishkek, Kirgizia. Bishkek is a 4-hour flight from Moscow. Bishkek can also be accessed directly from Europe. It is then a 8-11 hour drive to the hunting area.

We will assist you with all necessary airline tickets and necessary invitations if available.

Dates & Accomodations

The hunting season is February - Mid March and September – November 15.

7 hunting days, 11 days Moscow to Moscow.

Accommodations: hunting lodges, heated yurts & tents.


Hunt Cost

Hunting Party Price / Hunter
1 hunter in group $6,500 USD + trophy fee
Fee Price
Ibex trophy fee $2,500 USD *
2nd Ibex trophy fee $3,500 USD *

* Trophy fee applies to any ibex that is killed or wounded and lost.

Cost Includes

  • Accompanied during the whole trip
  • Acquiring of invitation for the hunters visa
  • Acquiring gun permits
  • Meeting and clearing of customs in all airports (Moscow, Bishkek)
  • Guiding services and interpreter, food and accommodations while hunting
  • Trophy care and import/ export veterinary permit

Cost Excludes

  • Overnights in hotel in Bishkek and Moscow (if necessary)
  • Cost of Kyrgyzstan visa ($70 USD)
  • VIP service in the airport of Bishkek ($200 USD per hunter)
  • Air travel to Bishkek
  • Transfers in Moscow – (200 €, if necessary)

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