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Okhotsk Snow Sheep

Hunt for the Okhotsk Snow sheep in the Khabarovsk Region of Siberia.

Hunt Snow Sheep in Okhotsk

Within the Magadan Region, the boundary is the southern route of the Trans-Siberian Highway, from the city of Magadan until it crosses the border of Yakutia. These Snow Sheep inhabit the rocky coasts of Okhotsk Sea and the mountainous areas inland.

This race of snow sheep has the largest white area on the forehead of all snow sheep, as well as the largest body size - identical to Kamchatka snow sheep.

Dates & Accommodations

The hunt is approximately August 1 - 10, 2015. The itinerary will be approximately 2 weeks. 9-10 hunting days.

Accommodation is tents. Group size can be up to 5 clients. Hunting in a group is highly recommended because of the helicopter cost.

Hunt Cost

Description Price
Hunt Cost $12,500 USD
1st Sheep Harvest Fee $6,000 USD
2nd Sheep Harvest Fee $7,000 USD
Helicopter transfers (additional charge, 6 hrs. for all trips) * $21,500 USD

* Helicopter cost is divided by the group. Subject to change.

Cost Includes

  • Cost of licenses
  • Acquiring of invitation for the hunters visa
  • Acquiring gun permits
  • Meeting and clearing of customs in Moscow and Magadan
  • Guiding services, food, accommodations while hunting, trophy care in the field and import/export permits

Cost Excludes

  • Overnights in hotels in Moscow and Magadan (if necessary)
  • Air-tickets Moscow-Magadan-Moscow
  • Helicopter fee
  • Gratuity
  • Brokerage and all shipping fees. Due to Russian Federation Veterinary Laws, all trophies must be sent to a local taxidermist after the hunt. The trophies will be shipped to you after the hunt once this process is complete. This will be at your cost.


Hunters at this time must remember that they are hunting in a very different country than that of their own. With this in mind these differences in cultures make this hunt an adventure in itself. With a little hard work you should be able to collect a very fine trophy and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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