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Central Barren Ground Caribou

Hunt the Qamairjuag Caribou herd of Northern Manitoba.

Only opened to non-resident hunting in 1995, Manitoba only licenses 500 hunters per year, resident and non-resident, to hunt this herd. With less than half that issued on the Nunavut side, they are talking about a herd of 450,000 animals which are virtually untouched. Every year, they take several B&C and P&Y animals with the top score so far at 402. Even more impressive is the average score of the racks, with the current average at 335 (B&C is 350). These racks make for spectacular trophies. The quality of this herd is amazing and the outfitter is limited to hosting only 43 non-resident hunters per year. The Manitoba terrain also offers advantages over other caribou hunts. Our area is tundra yet offers a mix of terrain and small stands of spruce. Thus giving both gun and bow hunters the advantage of hunting by spot and stalk, instead of waiting for the animals to come to you.

The Camps

They run three caribou camps in the Manitoba tundra, all within 10 miles of the Nunavut/Manitoba border and 12 miles apart.  All camps offer some fantastic fishing if times allows. (Manitoba Fishing license is required)

No-Name Lake

The largest camp, with accommodations for up to 14 hunters and seven boats on-site. It is situated on No-Name Lake, a large lake in the Manitoba caribou range. The camp is situated at the south end of the lake, near major migration trails. It has a comfortable mini-lodge, central shower house, and eight tent cabins for sleeping. The camp has a generator, electricity, freezers, and free satellite Internet.

Courage Lake

Located 11 miles east by Northeast of No-Name and bordering the Baralzon Ecological Park. The camp features a comfortable mini-lodge with a shower facilities and three tent cabins for 8 hunters. The camp has a generator, freezers, electricity, and free satellite Internet. There are three boats onsite.

Dyker Lake

Located SE of No-Name, a rustic tent camp designed for do-it-yourself Manitoba resident hunters. The camp has three boats on site. There is a small freezer and generator onsite.

Hunt Cost

Central Barren Ground Caribou/Fishing/Wolf/Ptarmigan – 6 day trip – 5.5 days hunting

$7,395.00USD From Winnipeg, Manitoba

Trophy Fee:  $1,000.00USD  

Sept. 2-8, 2018

Central Barren Ground Caribou/Fishing/Wolf/Ptarmigan – 7 day trip – 6.5 days hunting

$7,795.00USD From Winnipeg, Manitoba

Trophy Fee:  $1,000.00USD  

Sept. 8-15 and 15-22, 2018

All payments non-refundable. Prices may be changed without notice. All prices US funds. A deposit of 40% due within 7 days of booking.  Balance due two months prior to hunt. All hunts 2 on 1 guided unless otherwise noted. Licenses ($360 caribou, $32 fishing, $150 bird) and taxes extra. Licenses are allocated to the Outfitter and are NOT on a draw. All hunts originate from Thompson, MB with charter flight.

All meals, accommodations, guide, plane flights from Winnipeg to camp and return, and boat/motor/gas are included.

Wounded animals may be considered a kill at our discretion.

Guests who miss our charter are responsible for their own transportation to camps. We strongly recommend the purchase of travel insurance.

Getting There

It is amazing that an area so remote can be so easy to travel to. We are probably the easiest REMOTE hunt in NA to reach!

We are located 700 air miles North of the US/Canadian border, one of the most remote fly-in areas in North America, only 200 miles south of the Arctic Circle.

Winnipeg is serviced by air from the States with several flights daily. Carriers are Delta, United, Air Canada, and WestJet. Please note most carriers are not allowing racks to be transported as cargo or luggage. Our taxidermist can arrange expediting if needed.


No permits other than your license is required for bringing back meat and capes to the US EXCEPT for wolves. Those must be left with our taxidermist and permits can take up to 8 weeks to obtain.

Overnights are required on the Northbound portion of travel and sometimes the Southbound. We recommend the Fourpoints Sheraton in Winnipeg (204-775-5222) 

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