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Caribou hunting is also available in Newfoundland.
Eastern Canada Moose Hunting in Newfoundland Canada.

The interior of Newfoundland’s wilderness is excellent moose and caribou country.

The Eastern Canada Moose (Alces alces Americana) is slightly smaller than the Western Canada Moose, with significantly smaller antlers, and a darker, blackish-brown coloration and reduced saddle area.

The Caribou are woodland caribou (Rangifer tarandus caribou). They are a medium-sized caribou, with mature bulls weighing 350-450 pounds (158-204 kg). They have the smallest antlers of any caribou other than those from the arctic islands, but they can be very handsome. Antlers tend to be divergent, with many tines but without much length.

Our hunting locations are strictly drive-in.  Thus, they can be accessed by ATV or 4X4 pickup.  We occasionally use helicopter to pick up meat when it is in an area that is inaccessible to our ATV's.

We control 6 separate hunting camps, strategically located within prime hunting territories.  The selection of hunting locations is based primarily on game distribution at the time of the scheduled hunt.  On combination hunts, one or more locations may be required to assure opportunity for success.

Hunt Dates

The season runs from August 28 – November 15.       

Moose hunts are typically last week of September and first week of October.

Hunt Cost

Moose hunt:                         1 hunter to 1 Guide $7,500.00US              License Fee $500.00US

Caribou hunt:                       1 hunter to 1 Guide $8,750.00US              License Fee $500.00US

Combo Moose/Caribou hunt:  1 hunter to 1 Guide $12,750.00US + licenses (2019)

A Black Bear can be taken while hunting moose or caribou for a Trophy Fee of $750.00US and a License Fee of $200.00US.

A deposit of $3,000.00US for a single species hunt and a deposit of $4,500.00US for a combination hunt is required.

Included in Hunt Cost

  • Accommodations and meals for the duration of hunt
  • Guide
  • Preparation of meat/trophies for transportation
  • 5% tax on basic hunt package

Not Included in Hunt Cost

  •          Non-resident hunting permits
  •          Transportation to/from Newfoundland
  •          Sleeping bags and personal equipment
  •          Taxidermy/shipping of trophies if necessary.


Our camps are comfortable log/wood structures and feature wood stoves, running water, showers and a full time cook.  In addition, we possess temporary rustic field camps for over-nighting, when conditions demand and/or permit.

How to get here:

The nearest major airports to our operations are located in Stephenville and Deer Lake, Newfoundland. Each have services available via Montreal, Toronto, Boston and all major US cities.

If you plan on driving up, you must drive to North Sydney. From there, you will catch a ferry to Port Aux Basques. After docking, you must drive approximately 1 hour to the Petro Canada service station where you will be met by our staff. 

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