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Dangerous Game and Banteng Safaris in Australia

Our outfitter conducts dangerous game safaris for Water Buffalo in Central Arnhem Land, Northern Territory Australia. We also offer Banteng Safaris on a separate concession located on the Coburg Peninsula also in Arnhem Land.

Ameri-Cana invites you to embark on a thrilling hunting adventure in Australia, where the vast landscapes teem with unique and challenging game. From the rugged Outback to lush bushlands, the continent offers an unparalleled diversity of wildlife including water buffalo, wild boar, donkey and Banteng. Experience the adrenaline rush of tracking your prey through the untamed wilderness, all while surrounded by the stunning beauty of Australia's natural wonders. Immerse yourself in the rich cultural tapestry, savoring the camaraderie around a campfire in the evenings. Australia promises an unforgettable hunting expedition, combining the thrill of the chase with the exploration of one of the world's most captivating terrains.

Our outfitter conducts dangerous game safaris for Water Buffalo in Central Arnhem Land, Northern Territory Australia. Whilst on safari wild oxen/scrub bulls, wild boar, donkey and cow buffalo can also be hunted. Our outfitter has exclusive leases on 3 adjacent concessions totaling over 1.2 million acres of free-range pure wilderness. We also offer Banteng Safaris on a separate concession located on the Coburg Peninsula also in Arnhem Land.

Our safaris are suitable for all hunters of all fitness levels and ages. For the older or less fit individuals we utilize our modern and well-maintained ATV’s to access remote valleys, water sources and river flood plains. This allows us to place our hunters right in the action. From there it is a matter of spotting mature bulls and then conducting a quiet stalk into shooting range. Very little physical effort is required to hunt buffalo this way. For the hunter who is fit and loves a true challenge on foot we have over a million acres with many superb hunting areas that can only be accessed on foot. These clients could expect to walk anywhere from 10-25km in a day in search of big bulls in remote valleys.

We have a 100 percent success rate on mature buffalo bulls. It is not uncommon to see 300-400 buffalo in a day. All species available to hunt on our concessions are all exportable to every country in the world. No cites permits or tags are required for any of these animals.

Gun rental is free of charge. We can supply several quality firearms and optics for you to choose from. We recommend trialed and proven big game calibers such as the 375H&H, 404Jeffrey, 416 Rigby, 458 Win Mag, 458 Lott, 450 Rigby and other similar big game cartridges. We also recommend that you are comfortable shooting the calibre you have chosen whilst hunting with us. Ammunitions is $10.00USD per round. Rifle and Bow Hunters are welcome. Wounded animals must be paid for.

Bonanza Valley Arnhem Land Tented Camp Concession

7 Day Buffalo Bull Safari Package

$13,000.00 USD 1x1

$11,500.00 USD 2x1

Price Includes 1 Trophy Buffalo Bull, 1 Cull Cow

7 Day Cull Safari Package

$14,000.00 USD 1x1

$12,500.00 USD 2x1

Price Includes 3 Management Buffalo Bulls, 3 Cull Cows

7 Day Banteng Bull Safari Package

$13,900.00 USD 1x1

$12,900.00 USD 2x1

Price Includes 1 Trophy Banteng Bull

A deposit of $4,500.00USD is required to book the above safaris.

Trophy Fees for Additional Animals(For any animals taken that are additional to the animals included in the hunter’s package)

Trophy Buffalo Bull $4000

Management Buffalo Bull $2200

Trophy Cow $3000

Cull Cow $1000

Scrub Bull $1800

Donkeys $500

Trophy Boar $500

Cull Pigs $100

All packages include:

- All meals, soft drinks, beer and wine

- Accommodation

- Laundry

- Guides, guide services and vehicles

- Rifle hire

- Trophy preparation

- Darwin Airport/hotel transfers to and from the lodge or camp

- Trophy fees of animals listed in the packages

Packages don’t include:

- Alcoholic Spirits

- Dip and Pack ($450 US per hunter- includes two animals, $180 per extra animal)

- Shipping of trophies

- Ammunition

- International Firearm Visitors License $130USD

- Firearm Import License (if hunter would like to bring personal firearm & ammo)- $200USD

- Meals on first and last day travelling to camp and sightseeing

– Charter flights into an out of camp if requested - $POA

2024/2025 Show Specials

7 Day Father & Son or Husband and Wife Buffalo Hunt

$14,500.00 USD – Deposit $5,000.00USD

- 1 Trophy Buffalo Bull

- 1 Management Buffalo Bull

- 2 Cull Buffalo Cows

7 Day Cull Safari  – Deposit $10,000.00USD

$25,000.00 USD per hunter

- 5 Management Buffalo Bulls

- 12 Cows

9 Day Ultimate Hunt  – Deposit $10,000.00USD

$35,000.00 USD per hunter

- 1 Trophy Buffalo Bull

- 5 Management Buffalo Bulls

- 20 Cull Buffalo Cows

12 Day Buffalo/Banteng Safari  – Deposit $6,000.00USD

$23,000.00 USD per hunter

- 1 Trophy Buffalo Bull

- 1 Trophy Banteng Bull

Additional Information

*Extra days available at $1,000.00USD per day per hunter

*All non-hunters including children are welcome at an additional cost of $250.00USD per day

*Deep sea and pelagic fishing available at a cost of $600.00USD per day on days before or after clients safari. Barramundi fishing available on request.

*The 1st day and last day of the safari are travel, sightseeing days. If the client would like to hunt the afternoon of the 1st day they are more than welcome .

*Approximate travel time Darwin to Arnhem Land tented camp 8 hours

*Season runs from late May to late September

*Average cost of 4-star accommodation in Darwin is $250 AUD a night. We recommend Argus Hotel and Rydges Darwin both located in Darwin City

*Best way to get to Darwin is from any of the east coast cities which are Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. Flights are available direct to these cities from the United States.

*Tented camp is equipped with hot showers, toilers, tents, elevated beds, fans, electricity, hot meals, satellite tv and WiFi.

How to Get to Australia/Pickup Point

Darwin the capital of the Northern Territory is where we will pick you up from, either from the airport or your chosen accommodation. Getting to Darwin from Europe is quite easy. We recommend flying to Singapore. From Singapore there is several flights daily into Darwin. If travelling from America, we recommend you fly into any 3 of the eastern capitals, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne before catching a domestic flight to Darwin.

Things To Do In The Northern Territory Before or After My Hunt

The Northern Territory as well as being a sportsman paradise is a world-famous tourist destination. Aside from the top-class barramundi and deep sea fishing accessible from Darwin, the territory is home to the World Heritage Listed Kakadu National Park. Easily accessible from Darwin either by tours leaving daily or hire a 4wd and see it for yourself. There is various accommodation from hotels to campsites within the park. Listed below is are some of the sites Kakadu is famous for:

- Corroboree Billabong

- Ubir Rock

- Cahills Crossing

- Jim Jim Falls

- Yellow Waters

- Barramundi Gorge

- Gunlom Falls

Within the Katherine District sites worth the visit include:

- Edith Falls

- Katherine Gorge

- Mataranka Hot Springs

- Cutta Cutta Caves

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