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Ameri-Cana Expeditions provides hunting experiences in the finest locations around the world. Although we do everything we can to ensure our guests have a fun and safe experience, unavoidable accidents do happen. An illness or injury in the remote areas we hunt could require a medical evacuation and/or hospitalization costing upwards of $100.000.00 and is generally not covered by medical insurance. For this reason, Ameri-Cana suggests that our clients purchase a membership with Global Rescue, a crisis response company that provides world-class medical and security advice and evacuation services from anywhere in the world, even the most remote areas.

For more information Global Rescue call 1-800-381-9754.

To purchase a membership click on the link below.

TRAVEL INSURANCE plans can protect you against the uncontrollable variables that could hamper or disrupt your hunting trip. They guard you against such things as trip cancellation, baggage delay or loss, accident or medical expenses, emergency evacuation, etc.


Global Rescue

Non Resident Firearms Declaration Form

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Declaration for Importation or Exportation of Fish or Wildlife

(US required form)

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