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Cameroon Rain Forest Bongo

Hunting in Cameroon for Bongo and Elephant.

Hunt Bongo in the Cameroon Rain Forest

"The Boumba" forest accounts for 40% of the total amount of licences granted by the Cameroon Government to hunt Dwarf Buffalos and Forest Sitatungas.

Because of "The Boumba" Forest having been a completely isolated and remote area, where you would need a pirogue to go through, there is an abundant diversity of animals. Therefore, you can easily find all kinds of Duikers, Bates Pygmi Antelope, Bush Pig, and with a little bit of luck, even the Giant Forest Hog. In 2002 they incorporated another forest area called "Lognia", located just in the border of Cameroon with Congo and R.C.A. and protected by the Lobeke National Park. This is a classical bongo hunting area: the forest crossed by old forestal routes.

On 2007 they got another forest area called "Lokomo". Therefore if you would like to enjoy a Forest Safari, just schedule a date for the Forest Season starting in mid April and going on until end July. During these months a three-hour-daily-rain wets the ground allowing hunters to follow the trucks and prevent them from making noise by walking on a cap of dry leaves. Although it normally rains at night, we can not guarantee you not arriving hardly wet to the camp.

Medical Requirements

Cameroon is a malarial area and precautions must be taken throughout hunting season. We urge you to check with your local doctor prior to departure for details of health regulations and immunization requirements.  Although we carry a comprehensive medical kit in camp, please ensure that you bring any special and personal medications, which your doctor may deem essential for your well being.

Hunt Cost

Hunting on a 1 x 1 basis. Each professional hunter has his own vehicle and a team of trackers and porters. All safaris are scheduled with a maximum of two hunters per camp at the same time.

On our 16-day safari, days 1 and 16 are transfer days. This means, there are 14 full days of hunting with some possible hunting on arrival and departure days.

Safari Description Price / Hunter
16 Days Bongo and/or sitatunga safari in Boumba North camp $48,000 USD
16 Days Bongo and sitatunga safari in every camp except Boumba North $44,000 USD
16 Days Bongo or sitatunga safari (combined with buffalo or elephant) in every camp except Boumba North  $40,000 USD

Contact Us For Available Species & Trophy Fees in EUROS (*) 

Cost Includes

  • Airports assistance upon arrival and departure
  • Professional hunter with trackers and porters
  • Full board and soft drinks while in camp: beer and wine in reasonable quantities with meals
  • Support crew: cook, skinner, waiter, laundry service, driver, mechanic, etc.
  • Fully-equipped, permanent camp with stone-built bungalows and en-suite bathroom, lounge/dining area
  • Use of additional semi-permanent fly-camp
  • Unlimited use of hunting vehicles while on safari

Cost Excludes

  • Observers for $300Usd per day
  • Big hunting licence: 1.650 €. Small hunting licence: 800 €
  • Trophy fees on animals taken or wounded (*)
  • Pre-taxidermy, packing & wrapping, transport until Douala, storage until the shipping agent takes care of the trophies:
    • Animals included in one Big license: 975 €
    • Big and small license: 1.250 €
    • Full skins animals from group A: 100 € each (except for elephant parts or full skin, which will be more costly, depending on the individual case)
  • Intercontinental flights
  • Charter flights Douala-camp round trip or domestic flights
  • Possible renting of rifles and ammunition
  • Personal expenses of any sort: hotel charges before and after the safari, possible use of our satellite telephones, possible extra trips; for picking up delayed luggage/rifles
  • Gratuity for staff & PH
  • Any kind of insurance

Licence Details

Big hunting licence allows for taking of two different species from group A and four from group B or C.

Small hunting licence allows for all species from group C (none from A and B).

It is illegal to double the same species, irrespective of the licence taken.

(*) Anti-poaching and community-development program: in order to support an effective year-round anti-poaching campaign, as well as for advocating the value of wildlife to the villagers adjacent to and within our hunting blocks, a fee of 10% of the above trophy fees will be collected to fund these programs under our direct supervision. We have implemented these programs in all our hunting areas and have found that the results of direct funding for these necessary actions have been extremely beneficial in the overall quality of the hunting experience offered to our clients. These fees are paid at the conclusion of the safari, based on the final trophy fee amounts.

(**)  Python hunting requires extra preparation that we need to compensate with a charge of 500€.

Note: Government fees might be modified (increased) without prior notice. The outfitter cannot be held responsible for any such modification.

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