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Hunting in Tanzania

Tanzania offers a variety of landscapes, from the savannas to the mountains, providing a unique and diverse hunting experience.

Moyowosi South

MOYOWOSI SOUTH is the largest hunting area with 307,000 hectares in MOYOWOSI GAME RESERVE, and by far the most famous and the richest in terms of game. Moyowosi South’s water reserves are also the recipient of mass migration due to the dryness of Moyowosi North Game Reserve. This migration phenomenon occurs every year, which makes this a unique scenic dream come true for hunters.

The reputation of this hunting area is well established. It’s a hunting area that is well known for its number of buffalo and exceptionally maned lions. It is bordered by two very beautiful rivers, the Malagarasi river and the Moyowosi river. Tiger fish enthusiasts will not fail to spend a few days on the water.

Fisheagle camp is a luxury East African Style Tented Camp where the sunrises will take your breath away. The 3-star cuisine of Fisheagle is highly appreciated.

Kizigo West and Central

KIZIGO WEST & CENTRAL with a total of 270,000 hectares are some of the most famous hunting areas in Tanzania and is especially known for its exceptional lion, leopard and buffalo trophy quality. This remote and wild ecosystem consists of more than 3 million hectares and is naturally protected between two large game reserves: the Rungwa and Muhesi.

It's dense forests of miombo woodland that are interspersed through open plains characterize the Kizigo Game reserve. This area also has rocky outcrops, scattered water holes, springs, and riverine valleys. The wildlife that is mainly found in this area is lion, leopard, buffalo, sable, roan, eland greater kudu, and Liechtenstein hartebeest. There is also a significant presence of the very precious lesser kudo.

Hunt Cost

21-DAY 1X1                                         $105,000

21-DAY 2X1                                         $96,000

Companion hunter*                          $37,000

Lion success fees**                            $30,000


14-DAY WITH LEOPARD 1X1         $85,000

14-DAY WITH LEOPARD 2X1         $76,500

Companion hunter*                          $25,000

Leopard success fees**                     $20,000


14-DAY 1X1                                         $85,000

14-DAY 2X1                                         $76,500

Companion hunter*                          $25,000


10-DAY 1X1 4                                      $45,000

Companion hunter*                          $17,500

Observer (per day)                            $ 650

Baiting car / with ph (per day)       $ 550 / $950

Air charter                                           $17,050 Moyowosi

                                                      $15,900 Kizigo

Fisheagle camp / jro

Road transfer (round trip)               $ 3,500

Change of camp                                  $8,400


* Companion hunts allow two hunters or more to share the game a 10, 14, 21 or 28 day license. Clients share one professional hunter.   

** In additions to the trophy fees.

Ask us for prices on Trophy Fees at time of booking.

Safari Charges Include

  • • The services of a complete crew including professional hunter, trackers, cooks, skinners, stewards and their necessary assistants

    • Provision of fully equipped camp and WIFI

    • Global Fees (Hunting licenses, Conservation Fee, Concession fees and Government Trophy Handling Fees)

    • Preparation of trophies (skinning and salting) in the field including transportation to Arusha

    • Processing, documentation and crating of trophies for exportation

    • Provision of a medical chest

    • The supply of fine food, fresh fruit and vegetables as well as preserved food of the highest quality available

    • Special requirements will be catered to as far as possible, provided advance notice is given

    • Supply of soft drinks, mineral water, and all alcoholic beverages to reasonable consumption

    • The provision of transport; one modern 4 x 4 safari vehicle per professional hunter and the necessary load carriers for equipment, provisions, trophies and staff

    • The skinning and preservation of trophies in the field plus dipping and handling

    • A company representative to assist you upon arrival and departure.

Safari Charges Do Not Include

  • • Trophy fees (including community development)

    • Success Fees (see detail in the price list)

    • 15 % taxes on trophy fees (wildlife conservation fund)

    • Hotel accommodation and expenses before, during and after the safari days

    • Commercial airline flights, visas, airport tax and items of a personal nature

    • Gratuities to the staff and the professional hunter

    • Cost of transporting equipment and personnel to places beyond our concessions for specific purposes as requested i.e. photographic safari expeditions

    • Airfreight of trophies from Tanzania to the final destination

    • Baiting Car and Pre-Baiting Car (US $550 per day) with PH (US $950 per day)


Traditional east African tented camp; safari-chic. You will be immersed in the wilderness of Tanzania.

Vast tented suites, inside shower, fans, mosquito nets and Wi-Fi.

Michelin-starred chefs train our chefs to provide exquisite menus.

• On any 2x1 hunting combination or multiple thereof, only one lion, one leopard, one gerenuk, one oryx and one lesser kudu licenses permitted between the two clients hunting with one professional hunter

• Trophy fees can be modified without notice by the local authorities

• Trophy fees are due if animals are wounded and lost

• Minimum legal length for leopard from the tip of the nose to the base of the tail is not less than 130cm

• Minimum legal length or weight by tusk for elephant, 160 cm or 44,5 lbs (20 kg)

• Only lion six years and older, not above may be hunted

• Leopard and lion (21-day licence lion hunt and 14-day leopard hunt) are hunted, according to your priority and to our quota, under the “Success Fees” system

• If the animal is shot, missed or wounded, you will have to pay the total amount of success fees

• Trophy fees can be modified without notice by the local authorities

• Trophy fees are due if animals are wounded and lost. Double trophy fee for a female or a juvenile

• Due to strict quota regulations, please ensure that all preferred species for hunting are available at the time of booking

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