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Our outfitter offers hunts in some of the finest wildlife areas in Zimbabwe ranging from the game rich Matetsi Safari Area in the north-west to the renowned hunter’s paradise in the south-eastern lowveld.

Our outfitter boasts a high percentage or repeat hunters each year, a reflection on their efforts to ensure that each safari is a unique and successful experience. Their professional hunters and staff are dedicated to exceed your expectations for an adventure never to be forgotten. They operate in some of the finest wildlife areas in Zimbabwe ranging from the game rich Matetsi Safari Area in the north-west to the renowned hunter’s paradise in the south-eastern lowveld.

Zimbabwe is a landlocked country in Southern Africa comprising 39,075,700 hectares (1 hec. = 2.471 acres). It is bordered by South Africa to the South, Mozambique to the East, Zambia to the North and Botswana and Namibia to the West. Altitude ranges from around 1650 feet in the northern Zambezi Valley up to 5000 feet in the Highveld, and slopes down again to around 1000 feet in the south-east Lowveld.

Zimbabwe’s climate is divided mainly into Summer (Oct – Apr. with temperatures around 90F (32C)) and Winter (May – Sept. with temperatures around 68F (20C)) but can drop much lower at night). The main rainfall is between December and March when access to some hunting areas can be restricted because of impassable conditions and high temperatures combined with humidity.

The ideal hunting time is between April and October. Highveld areas may offer hunting year round at the discretion of the Operator. Other areas may also open year round depending on conditions prevailing.

Cost of hunts – MATETSI

21 Day Elephant, Buffalo & Leopard Hunt @ $2 000/day

15 Day Elephant, Buffalo OR Leopard Hunt @ $2 000/day

15 Day Elephant and Plains Game Hunt @ $1 850/day

15 Day Leopard, Buffalo OR Sable Hunt @ $1 500/day

15 Day Leopard and Plains Game Hunt @ $1 250/day

10 Day Buffalo, Sable Hunt @ $1 500/day

10 Day Buffalo, Plains Game Hunt @ $1 300/day

10 Day Sable, Plains Game Hunt @ $850/day

Trophy fees – MATETSI (USD)

LION                                    25 000
ELEPHANT* > 55.0 KGS**   19 500
ELEPHANT* < 55.0 KGS**   18 000
ELEPHANT TUSKLESS*           4 500
LEOPARD*                             5 000
SABLE                                    4 850
BUFFALO                                4 500
CROCODILE*                          4 000
HIPPO                                     4 000
ELAND                                    1 950
GIRAFFE                                 2 200
WATERBUCK                           1 950
KUDU BULL                            1 500
KUDU COW                               700
ZEBRA                                   1 200
BUSHBUCK                               850
HYENA                                     550
CARACAL                                 500
SERVAL                                    500
GRYSBOK                                 450
WARTHOG                                450
CIVET                                       350
STEENBOK                                350
IMPALA RAM                              250
IMPALA DOE                              125
DUIKER                                     200
JACKAL                                     200
GENET                                       150
PORCUPINE                                150
WILDCAT                                    150
BABOON                                     50
BIRD LICENCE (up to 20 birds)  100

*Additional CITES Permit $200

**Aggregate Ivory Weight

Cost Includes

• Use of hunting areas and facilities
• Camps, accommodations, food and services of camp staff
• Local beer, wine and spirits
• Laundry service
• Transport for the duration of the hunt
• Services of a Government licensed, professional hunter, driver and experienced trackers
• Skinning and field preparations of trophies


Cost Excludes

  • Accommodation outside of the contracted safari period
  • Items of a personal nature
  • Dip and pack fee $700
  • Trophy fees for animals harvested (or wounded)
  • ZTA levy – 2% of daily hunt rate and 4% on trophy fees
  • Parks & Wildlife Authority levy – 2% of trophy fees
  • CITES tag $150
  • Road transfers, Vitoria Falls to hunting area and return  - $250
  • Gratuities – at the client’s discretion
  • Government taxes or levies that may be imposed which are beyond our control

How to Get Here

If your hunt is in the Matetsi region, the arrival and departure point is Victoria Falls. The camps are within a 2 hour drive from the airport. For safaris in the lowveld, you would be picked up in Harare and give the option to travel to the hunting area by road or in one of our outfitters aircraft. We will assist with arranging your International flight and other tours in Zimbabwe.


Accommodation comprises en-suite chalets with flush toilets and hot running water. Some camps have electricity while others are solar powered. Daily laundry is provided. Please advise in advance if you have any specific dietary requirements or restrictions.


We recommend that you bring your own rifles and an adequate supply of good quality ammunition (60 rounds). Bolt-action rifles should be mounted with a high quality variable scope. It is important to bring soft bags for the transportation of each rifle on the hunting vehicle.


Zimbabwe is a tourist friendly destination thus red-tape formalities are usually straight forward and hassle free. You will be required to purchase a visa for $30.00US upon arrival. It is not compulsory to have any vaccinations for entry into Zimbabwe, however we advise that you take anti-malaria prophylactics prior, during and immediately after your stay.

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