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Alberta Big Horn

Hunt Big Horn Sheep in one of the most successful area's of Alberta with one of the most successful outfitters.

Hunt Big Horn Sheep in Alberta

The Bighorn Sheep area is located in Wilmore Wilderness Park, located north of Jasper National Park in the heart of the Rocky Mountains.

Year Outcome
2019 Harvested 5 out of 7 sheep
2018 Harvested 2 out of 4 sheep
2017 Harvested 1 out of 4 sheep
2016 Harvested 3 out of 4 sheep
2015 Harvested 3 out of 4 sheep

Dates of Hunts

Pick up in Grande Prairie August 30, 2020/21. Overnight required.  Start hunting September 1. Return to Grande Prairie after sheep is harvested or September 25. Commercial flights available to Grande Prairie from Edmonton and Calgary.

Hunt Cost

$60,000 USD + GST (5%) Wolves included as an opportunity animal. Hunt is over once the sheep is harvested or after the last scheduled day.


  • Guide (1 x 1)
  • Meals
  • Camp accommodation
  • Trophy preparation (caping and salting)
  • Horses, tack, and wranglers
  • Transportation to and from Grande Prairie, Alberta

Hunt Excludes

  • $100 USD charge for pick up or return of hunters arriving late or leaving early
  • License fee $450 USD for sheep and wolves

Hunting Conditions

One of the finest bighorn hunts in Alberta! We take a total of eight sheep hunters per year and have been very successful on rams over the past twenty years. This is a horseback hunt north of Jasper National Park in a rugged area, but perseverance and stamina have produced exceptional results. Most rams taken are in the mid-160 B&C class with some over 170 being taken each season.


Walled tents with floors and stoves in base camp. Other tents as appropriate to the specific area hunted.

Physical Condition

Horses will be used as much as possible but some hiking and possibly back packing may be required as we have no control over where the sheep will be. Being in good physical condition, a positive attitude and good marksmanship will always enhance your opportunity to be successful.

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