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Alberta Waterfowl Hunt

White-fronted Geese, Snow Geese, Ross’ Geese, Blue Geese, Canada Geese and their sub-species with a variety of Ducks and also Sandhill Cranes.

Our 3600 sq. ft. 10 bedroom lodge, with self-contained bathrooms, conference facilities and excellent meals is second to none. The lodge and hunting area is in the middle of Alberta’s largest staging area for waterfowl. Geese fly into this area from Northern Canada, Alaska and Russia. The area is farm and ranch land and offers plenty of feed for the birds so that they stay until freeze up in early November. With numerous bodies of water and abundance of feed, this area is the best in North America for goose hunting. From late August to early November the skies are full of birds that leave the safety of the water to feed in the surrounding fields morning and evening.


2024 Available Dates - September - October  (Based on a 3-day minimum)

For Monday to Wednesday hunts, you arrive in Edmonton on Saturday or early Sunday and depart on Wednesday evening or Thursday morning. For Thursday to Saturday hunts you arrive in Edmonton on Early Wednesday and depart on Saturday evening or Sunday. Please plan your airline flights to arrive mid-day into Edmonton. Exact arrival and departure dates are determined at time of booking. Edmonton is serviced by major airlines throughout the day. Scheduled ground transportation to the lodge is included along with the return to Edmonton on the afternoon of the 3rd day of your hunt. Air charter to and from camp is available at an extra cost directly through a charter company.


September and October in Alberta is harvest time. It can be the nicest time of the year weather wise; however one should always be prepared and bring along rain gear and clothing for a cool fall morning. A recommended clothing and equipment list will be sent at time of booking.

The actual hunting is done in grain fields, with a large spread of decoys and blinds.  Shooting is done in the morning and evening. In the event that limits are filled in the morning, the afternoon can be used for spotting the next day’s shoot.  A typical day spent would be an early start to set up for the morning hunt, back to the lodge for breakfast around 11 a.m., perhaps a little rest and out again in the afternoon, returning to camp at dark for a hearty meal and time to swap some hunting tales. 


Bird cleaning is NOT included in the hunt. The cost of cleaning the birds is $8.00US for each Goose and $6.00US for each duck. (Subject to change). All birds harvested must be cleaned. Birds must be cleaned whole or breasted with one wing attached due to transportation and exportation regulations. Be sure to bring a LARGE cooler/ice chest with this in mind. Soft coolers are also available at the lodge at Market price.


The Battle River Lodge and hunting area are located approximately 2 ½ hours SE of Edmonton. Coronation, Alberta is the nearest town to the lodge. Edmonton is serviced by numerous airlines. Make travel arrangements to arrive the day before the hunt for ground transportation to the lodge. If you are hunting Monday to Wednesday your pick-up will be on Sunday at noon from our local hotel, if you are hunting Thursday to Saturday your pick-up will be on Wednesday at 5pm from the international airport. As always, be sure to bring your proof of citizenship with you. At the time of booking you will be notified who will meet you. If you are driving here, we will provide you with a map. If you plan to fly your own plane, we have a 3000ft. lighted paved airstrip 15 minutes from camp.

*If you are not on schedule, you will be responsible for alternative travel arrangements.


You will have no problem bringing your sporting arms and ammunition into Canada (no pistols). We will send to you a firearms import form which you will fill out and have ready at customs for import of your firearm. Canada is non-toxic shot governed. We will be shooting steel, Bismuth, or tungsten. We have steel and a substitute shot available in camp at market price. Please advise on special shells (10 gauge, 20 gauge).
Shotguns are also available for rent ($150.00USD Benelli Black Eagle III) for 3 days.



Only shells and cartridges are accepted and must be carried in checked baggage. Gunpowder and gunpowder pellets are strictly prohibited. Ammunition allowance is limited to 11 pounds (5 Kg) per passenger. Allowances for more than one passenger cannot be combined into one or more packages. The firearm and the ammunition must not be packed in the same container. Ammunition must be packed in the manufacturer's original package or securely packed in fiber, wood or metal containers. Shotgun Shells are available for purchase at Market price at the lodge.


$3,500.00US per hunter for 3 days plus 5% GST and License.

A deposit of $1,000.00US is required to secure your booking. The balance is due with license fees July 1st of the hunt year.

Non hunter rates are $200.00US per day if space allows.

The hunt consists of 5 separate shoots (Limit depending)

Current License Fees for Non-Resident Aliens is $200.00US which includes Wildlife Certificate, license, stamp and area allocation fees. The cost for a Non-Resident is $100.00US. These fees are subject to change.


  • Scheduled transportation to Battle River Lodge from Edmonton and return after hunt.
  • All guide services
  • Food and Accommodations



  • Gratuities to staff
  • Bird cleaning
  • Firearm import fees
  • Items of personal nature
  • Hunting License and Ammunition
  • 5% Goods and Services Tax
  • Hotels and meals prior to and after return from the lodge. 
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • You may require a hotel on your arrival or return to Edmonton before/after your departure for home.


Alberta allows a daily limit of 8 Grey Geese (Canada Geese and White-fronted) and 50 Snow/Ross’ Geese. Possession is 24 Grey’s and 150 White geese. Alberta allows a daily limit of 8 ducks, possession of 24 and 5 Sandhill Cranes. Out of 8 Grey Geese 5 may be White-Fronted Geese. 

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