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Lynx Hunt in British Columbia
Lynx, Bobcat and Cougar Hunt in British Columbia

Gray Ghosts of the Northern Boreal forest! Hunt Canadian Lynx with experienced hounds’ men.

Hunt Canadian Lynx with experienced British Columbia hound’s men.


Ameri-Cana Expeditions is the exclusive agent for this unique offering. Combine the finest of hounds, men, gear and technology all coming together in spectacular scenery pursuing one of the most elusive and exotic felines on the planet. With dramatic tufted ears, face ruff and spotted body atop long legs adorned with snowshoe size feet, the magnificently furred winter lynx offers a rare trophy for anyone's collection.

Hunt Dates 

Season:  Lynx November 15 – February 15

Tentative 2024 Schedule

  • November 15-20
  • November 22-27

Other hunt dates available upon request.

Hunt Cost 

Cost: $7,500USD all inclusive for 6 hunting days (including Lynx license and tag fees)

This unique offering using the finest of hounds and a variety of innovative techniques and equipment to ensure success, regardless of weather conditions with options for all 3 of 4 Americas cats.  The hunt concludes when the licensed species is harvested. With prior arrangements a mountain lion and/or Bobcat, both plentiful on the guide area, can be added on a harvest fee basis by purchasing that licence/tag  before the hunt.

If clients wish to hunt the extra species during the 6-day Lynx hunt, Lion and/or Bobcat, a $1000/day fee will apply to continue hunting only after the lynx is harvested.  This day fee will be waived each time a species is harvested.  Any extra hunt days beyond the 6 days will be $1000/day. Harvest fee if lion taken $10,000 (license/tag $300 extra) Harvest fee if bobcat taken $2500 (license/tag $150 extra)

Price Includes:

  •   Airport pick up/drop off at agreed upon location.
  •   Lodging and meals (Accommodation is provided in the guides home, hotel or ranch guest house as dictated by the area hunted, all of which are very close to the hunt concession.

Price Does Not Include

  • Airfare to and from agreed upon locaton
  • Alcohol
  • Gratuities for guides
  • Air tickets to get to hunt and return
  • Hotel accomodations if, necessary before and after hunt.
  • Shipping and taxidermy and or taxidermy preparation of skins for shipping.
  • Extra species licenses and tags
  • Extra hunt days, beyond the 6 days for lynz.

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