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Mexico Desert Sheep

Hunt Desert Bighorns in 100% free ranging area's

A rewarding and successful hunt is not physically easy, so it is of great help if our hunters are in good physical condition. Despite the challenges of the hunt, we have yet to experience conditions under which the hunters have returned without a trophy. Our hunts are conducted mostly on foot, although trucks, ATV's, or mules may be used, but it is important that the hunter can climb.

We provide all of the supplies, and the food at main camp is great. The client has the attention and service of one main guide, porters, spotters, cooks, and staff at camp.
We offer ten full days of hunting, but we find we have averaged between five to six days during previous seasons. If no ram is harvested we arrange a 2nd expedition for the cost of approximately $8,000.00US.


Most of our hunts are conducted out of Ranch houses. On occasion spike camps may possibly be used.

You will be comfortable with the accommodations.

Accommodations are near the hunting area.


November through March - Although there is no best season for sheep hunting, it is more comfortable to hunt in cooler weather. Expect cold nights and warm days in December, January and February (25-80 F). The weather is warmer in March (35-90 F). There are many times, however, when we have taken the best rams late in the season.


$55,000.00US – 1 Sheep plus Desert Mule Deer

Trophy fee on Mule deer $8,500.00 and trophy fee on coues deer $4,000.00US.

Non-hunters are welcome to accompany the hunt for the number of days the hunter takes to harvest the sheep. The cost for non-hunters is $2,000.00US.

As an extra service, we offer an edited video of your hunt along with all the raw footage taken in the expedition. The cost of the video varies, depending on the hunt and the clients’ wishes.

If the client finishes the hunt before the 10th day, he can ask the professional hunter to accompany him for a tour of the area or choose optional outdoor activities at a very low cost.

All deposits and balances paid are completely non-refundable, in whole or in part, for any reason including but not limited to: illness, injury, flight delays, unforeseen loss of income, early departure, late arrival, business emergencies, family emergencies, etc. Please also be aware that any animal that is injured in any way is considered fatal and will be charged at full price.

Cost Includes

• Transportation from the airport to the hunting area and back to the airport.
• Accommodation in Main and Spike camps with all the necessary equipment.
• All meals and drinks during the time of the hunt (alcohol in moderation).
• License and tags for the animals hunted.
• Service of a professional guide, along with spotters and porters.
• Cooks and camp staff.
• Field preparation of trophies.
• The use of 4 wheel drive vehicles and/or ATV'S.
• Mules (if necessary).




Cost Excludes

• Travel and hotel accommodations before and after the hunt.
• Packing, dipping, and shipping of trophies to final destination.
• Firearms and ammunition. Rifles and/or shotguns are available for hire on request. We have a wide selection of rifles with quality optics.
• Medical and travel expenses.
• Emergency evacuation by air from the hunting area. We recommend hunters buy travel insurance. 
• Satellite phone use.
• Gratuities for the guides and staff.

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