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North American Hunting
Yukon Stone Sheep and Moose

Our outfitter is located in central Yukon and has been involved in the outfitting business for over 20 years. The hunting territory is located 140 air miles north of Whitehorse.

Stone Sheep/Fannin Sheep in our hunting area are very dark, as dark as any Stone Sheep that you will find in British Columbia. The trophy rams in our area have been averaging 38 inches each season. We try to set a standard of harvesting only rams with the tip of at least one horn extending above the bridge of the nose. This requirement ensures that we consistently produce rams that are over a full curl, providing you with a top quality trophy.

Yukon Moose are the largest in the world, standing over 7 feet tall at the shoulder and weighing over 1800 pounds. Our moose country is filled with long valleys and numerous lakes and bulls are found anywhere from the bottom of the valley to high on the mountain. We have the opportunity for both horseback and boat hunts.

Mountain Caribou are often seen in herds numbering over 50 in our area. Average trophy bulls score between 375-390 B&C. The country is wide open with lots of opportunity for glassing and stocking big bull.

Hunt Costs USD

STONE SHEEP HUNT (12 day horseback hunt)  $50,000

Includes harvest fee on Stone Sheep, Black Bear, wolf and wolverine.

Additional animals available on harvest fees (caribou, grizzly) $8,500 each


Includes harvest fee on Caribou, Black Bear, wolf and wolverine.

Additional animals available on harvest fees: grizzly $8,500, moose $12,500

YUKON MOOSE (RUT) HUNT (12 day horseback or boat hunt) $22,500

Includes harvest fee on Moose, Black Bear, Wolf and Wolverine

Additional animals available on harvest fees (Caribou, Grizzly) $,8,500

FALL GRIZZLY HUNT (10 day boat hunt) $20,000

Includes harvest fee on Grizzly Bear,  Black Bear, wolf and wolverine. Moose available on harvest fee ($10,000)

SPRING BLACK BEAR/GRIZZLY HUNT (10 day boat/truck hunt) $8,500  

Includes harvest fee on 2 Black Bear. Harvest fee on Grizzly ($12,000)


A 50% deposit to Ameri-Cana Expeditions is required to confirm your booking, once this has been received your spot is guaranteed and the balance will be due on June 1 of the year of the hunt.

All payments are non-refundable.

Horse Back Hunt Dates 

Hunt 1 (July 30-Aug 11) Hunt 2 (Aug 11-22)

Hunt 3 (Aug 22-Sept 3) Hunt 4 (Sept. 3-15) 

Hunt 5 (Sept. 15-26) Hunt 6 (Sept. 26-Oct. 7)

Boat Hunt Dates 

Yukon Moose Sept. 12-23 & Sept. 23-Oct.4
Spring Grizzly May 10-June 10
Fall Grizzly Oct. 10-20

Cost Includes

• Use of the fully equipped camps, with guide and camp services.
• All ground transportation while hunting, and all game care of your trophy.

Cost Excludes

• Air Charter Fee: $1,800.00US (excluding Grizzly hunts)
• 5% Government Service Tax (GST)
• Crating and shipping of trophies and meat
• Hotel and meals before and after hunt while in Whitehorse
• Canada Gun Possession Permit (approx. $25.00Cdn)
• Yukon Hunting Preservation Fund ($180.00Cdn)
• Yukon Hunting License ($650.00US)
• Government Harvest Fees: Sheep $250, Moose $150, Caribou $150, Grizzly Male $500, Grizzly Female $750, Wolverine $75, Wolf $75, Black Bear $75
• Gratuities


Clean, comfortable cabins are located throughout our hunting areas. Home style meals are provided. Spike camps with tents are sometimes used but always based from Cabins.

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